Monday, February 1, 2016

I ate lots of tropical fruit, jealous?

Kumusta po kayo? Mahal Kita!
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This week was really busy and Im not really sure where the time went, or what happened. We are so busy now, and have many appointments and basta, its just crazy and great. I know we have been blessed becasue we are striving to be more obedient. I know thats true becasue I dont know how we are teaching so much, and still tracting, and two new missionaries are doing this together, and I am also learning a new language. If we follow God's commandments for us, He blesses us in ways that we cant imagine!
I love the work!
This week it was really rewarding to see so many people really progressing. Sister Christine (18, less active, 2 yrs ago converted) read 6 chapters in the BOM and was so excited to share with us what she learned, she has started to go on splits with me, and there is a different light in her now, despite her hard family situation.
Brother Samson (Recent convert of ours) received the priesthood on Sunday and is preparing to baptize his family soon!
Sister Lolita and Cheriez decided to extend their baptism, it was hard becasue they are so ready, and I have seen on my life how hard everything gets when you are getting ready to make eternally important steps. I know that they will be able to be strong, please pray for them.

Also, this week I ate lots of tropical fruit, jealous? haha. I opened a cocunut for myself, that was a fun experience. And I am in love with fresh coconut! This week was really fun, but I dont have a lot to write about becasue it was honestly so full ad crazy.

I am very thankful that God loves us enough to give us commandments because they make us happy. I am thankful for family. I am thankful for being a missionary! Love you all and hope you have a great week!
Sister Ashlyn Goodwin
Today I was listening to an EFY song, I dont remember what its called. But it was talking about changing our lives and pushing ourselves and in the song she thanks someone for helping her do hard things. I really felt so thankful for you as my mom. If you hadnt forced me to be in a play in 7th grade, join volleyball, make new friends, change jobs, and many other things I wasnt comfortable with, I would have NEVER made it to the point I am now. Not just because I wouldnt have been able to come to another country and be comfortable, but because I would have never even been comfortable to go on a mission. I know your roll as a mother can be hard, but thank you, I know that you have a sacred calling. I know that you are helping Heavenly Fathers spirits in your home reach their full potential!

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