Monday, February 29, 2016

2/16 (Mom forgot to post this one)

This week has been amazing and full of miracles. I am always more happy than I ever imagined I could be, but this week it was even more rewarding seeing some truely miracles. Last Sunday we fasted with SIster Joy Felipe, she is 18 and very active at church for the last year. Her parents wont let her get baptized and are very against the church becasue her older Sister joined and went on a mission instead of finishing school and they are very strong Catholic. We had a great lesson on fasting and asked her to join us and her friends at church in a special fast. We asked her to ask specifically what she could to to get closer to baptism. She called us on Tuesday and said her parents signed her baptismal concent! It was such a miracle! She was baptized this Saturday. I love her and she truly shines. I am so glad that she was able to enter into this covenant and continue to grow. The parents if Sister Sheena are also allowing her baptism, she is so cute and started a study journal from the scriptures and loves teaching us what she learns. I love seeing progression of investigators, it is amazing what the spirit and simple doctrine can do for our lives.

We got to go to Legazpi yesterday and have a devotional with President Russel M Nelson. It was very spiritual and I got a lot of things from it. He said to thank our families who are praying for us at home and that they will be blessed because of our missions (D&C 58? to Thomas Marsh). I know this promise is true and that I am being blessed more than ever by this mission. I cant imagine life without the things I am learning here. He also talked about how we are here on the earth to prepare for the second coming of Christ. I am very thankful to be part of this work here. 
Oh today is Pday and we played with our district Lalaro Pinoy. SOOOO FUn! Little kids are always playing it in the streets, and it was great. I LOVE the children here, they are so cute and just know how to be happy and play together. 
You have a bottle and throw your flip flops at it. One person guards it and when you knock it over and have to get your flip flops they have to touch you to make you be the person guarding it. I now know what my childhood wasnt complete haha

There was an earthquake here on Thursday, so that was interesting. We were teaching a lesson to a less active member. It was a different experience for sure. I also had McDonalds here while we were in Legazpi, its nothing alike and the had rice. People are always making kites at this time here and they are really good at it. All the missionaries besides those from the US are preparing for a English test that can get them scholarships to BYU-H. So I have been helping Sister Matulac with English and we had our District Meeting in English (I am the only American in our Zone), it was soooo funny and fun, I cant describe it. The Elders were so funny imitating our accents and basta, hilarious!

I know that miracles happen, and Heavenly Father is waiting to hear from each of His children. My challenge to you this week is to think of specific things you need or are thankful for, or whatever it might be, and truly have a conversation with God. There are times when I have nothing else, but I always have prayer and it is truly so powerful. This is my challenge to you no matter what religion, or stange of life you are in. I know God answers our prayers and love each of us!

Mahal Kita! 
Sister Goodwin


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