Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Nicole/Mom: On Christmas Eve we were able to talk at Ashlyn on Skype.  The first thing Jacob said was, "You come to my house?" inviting her over.  She could hear and see us, but we couldn't hear or see her very well, so we moved to e-mail for about 20 minutes and then said "goodbye" quickly on Skype again.  In her e-mails she shared that Geckos cover her walls and scatter if she gets up in the night.  She also said, "Everytime I say my name they say ohhhh Mabuti-manalo! which is Good-win in tagalog."  She concluded her e-mail to us with, "I love you guys!!! Have the best Christmas EVER!!! and if possible send pictures! We decorated our room with lights, my stocking and paper snowflakes! MERRY CHRISTMAS! This christmas I am excited to serve Heavenly Father, and mae the most of the true meaning of Christmas! i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! It was really nice to get to talk to you, it definitely lifted me and I know it will continue to lift me for a long time!"  She did not receive our package for Christmas (she said 4 months is typical).  I was happy to hear/recall that the Azevedos had given her a "Sister Missionary" stocking, so she had that with her.

This is the e-mail we received on 12/27 (p-day is late Sunday night our time)...

Kumsta mga pamilya ko!! I have to start out that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!! This week has been so great, and no matter what the missionary task that we are doing is, I love it. When we are studying, I never want to stop, when we are proselyting or teaching lessons I never want to stop, and when we are serving I never want it to end. Sister Matulac and I have the best conversations about gospel topics and how to improve as missionaries and our area. I absolutely love her, and our studies together. At first it was hard becasue I didnt know Tagalog and she didnt know english, but now they are mostly in Tagalog, and she adds some english where she knows it. We are growing so much together, and there are so many miracles in our area. I know that hard work, and faith are paying off. 

On Christmas we went and shared a really short lesson about how Christ is always with us and that the gospel and things we teach are the way to follow Him. We sang a Hymn and then had a 5 min lesson, so we could get to as many of our investigators and less active families as possible. This is when I really felt a change in my work. I felt the eternal importance of our message. I KNOW that it is the way that leads to eternal happiness and living with God as families. I had such a desire to share and for all people to accept it here. Now I feel that all the time, and its why I love being a missionary.

We have had so many families start to progress more this week. The Centes family, mother Olivia, was doing everyting by herself and the father wasnt joining in with their 6 kids. This week asfter we halped them do their laundry the father joined and started directing the family in the lesson, it was amazing! 
Tatay Herebete wasnt able to be taught becasue he was alone at home, his daughter and her family came to live with him this week. They joined our lessons and said we believe most of the same things they already do and so they love our message and accepted a baptismal date...I could go on and on about miracles that are happening with all of our families and investigators. 

We had our zone Christmas party on the 24th which was really fun, I felt like I was part of something more and had more friends here. I always have a need to feel adjusted, and this really helped.

We have been really focusing on using members and working with them this week, as well as helping investigators progress towards baptism. Not that this matters, but we have the most lessons this week and # of investigators with baptismal dates, but we are the youngest comp in the mission. This really shows me what hard work and desire, with the spirit can do.

This week there was a HUGE spider in our apt. I asked what we should do with it, and my comp laughed and said it wasnt big and we didnt need to do anything. I dont know if the pic will attach, but it was bigger than my whole hand...gross!

The people are amazing, this work is amaizng, and i honestly LOVE everything about being a missionary. It was so nice to talk to you on CHristmas and see your faces. My Christmas was great, other than being with our family, this is the best thing in the world to be doing! My Christmas was 115 degrees and super sunny\hot, a little different from yours haha!


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