Friday, January 8, 2016

2016! & my first Balut

MALIGANYANG BAGONG TAON!!!! This week I realized that I have all of 2016 just for missionary work. How cool is that?? I wont spend one minute this year that isnt doing His work!

This week has been really great, my weeks here are filled with SO much learning. This week we really focused on balancing out our work and setting way higher goals. I felt like last week our time was as full as it could get, but this week we accomplished SO much more. I know that praying for specific, realistic, but very stretching goals works. Obedience has also blessed us so much, I know that is also a huge part in our success. Can I just say our companionship and area are ON FIRE!!! This week I really had a desire to be a better person. I was looking at Sister Matlac and all the things she in wonderful at. She is very selfless, kind, and always thinking about others. I decided to start looking for things in my companion that I can personally improve on. Because of this this week I have grown a lot, but I have also grown to love and appreciate her so much more. As I improve as a person and as a missionary, I continually become happier, what an amazing plan our Father in Heaven has given us! This week I also really felt the protection from the spirit. It was night and we were walking to an investigators house, I got a really bad feeling/actual physical pain in my heart. We stopped and prayed together, and then Sis Matulac felt it as well. Im not sure why, but we went back to the area of our home. What a blessing the spirit is. It not only helps in our teaching, our investigators, personal revelation, but also in our safety. We have had SO many new investigators, and progressing investigators with baptismal dates. January is going to be a great month, and I cant wait to continue this work. As I continually work harder and harder, I love this place, the people, and the gospel so much more. By the end of every night my body hurts, and my brain hurts, but I am so completely happy and full of love for everything here. One of the most rewarding things as a missionary is hearing people pray for the first time. This week I felt the spirit so strongly as an investigator prayed, how amazing is it that I get to help people talk to their Heavenly Father and know that He exists? Pretty amazing

This week I ate balut...all I can say is it tastes as bad as it sounds...fermented, fertilized duck egg. It tastes like a rotten hard boiled egg with feathers, a beak, and some bones, so ya! The Bong family loves that I havent tried things, and they always have some sort of fruit or something that I havent tried. They are so cute and very progressing. I tried a lot of different fruits and some sea food stuff this week. It is not raining here anymore, which makes it about 100x more hot. It is so hot, I cant describe it. It was 120 this week, but it felt so much hotter because its also humid (my area is right by the sea). My Tagalog is improving, I can understand a lot more this week, but it tires me out. I am definitely seeing improvements though. I am able to teach more doctrine and talk more to the people. We have a really awesome area! We have been working to get the members involved, and with our effort, they are helping us and becoming on fire too. Its so exciting to see people change and come closer to their Savior. 

I love you all. I am doing so well, and loving it here. I think about you guys, and you are always in my prayers. Thank you for writing me, I love hearing from each of you. I always see thinks and think about how much you would love to see this, or how much you would love things and people here. The people are so humble and amazing...I could go on for days about everything here. Love you and hope you have a great week!
Love, Sister Goodwin
Challenge for the week:
I am always inviting, and pleading with investigators to read the BOM and pray as a family...woops, I realized I wasnt even doing that daily before my mission. PLEASE do this as a family, I know it can become something that you not only dont forget, but look forward too! Please try hard to remember it, and after awhile, if you apply and search for patters to live by, or ways it applies to you, you will love it!
Bong and Carol family. He is a less active, she is a nonmember who really wants to be baptized! and has almost finished the book of mormon. She has to wait until June because in the Philippines there is no divorce, they were both previously married. The church allows baptism after 5 yrs of living together.

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