Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Week

Today is exactly one month of being in the MTC, which is crazy. The days are long here, but the weeks are flying by.

This week was really fun, and different which was nice. I was called as a Sister Training Leader for all of the Sisters in our zone.

Anyways, the rest of the week was fantastic! In our lessons we are only speaking Tagalog now, and we are getting a lot better at preparing and teaching by the spirit to our investigators individually! Teaching is one of my most favorite things. I am so thankful for Sister Aquino, I love talking to her about anything. We are reading Jesus the Christ together and we have the best conversations about it before bed every night. Sister Sulunga is definitely our comic relief. This week she accidentally asked "How is your mosquito?" instead of "How is your drinking?", the words are nothing alike, and it was really funny. 

WE GOT OUR TRAVEL PLANS THIS WEEK!!! I was nervous to leave, until I saw our plans and then it got real and I am pumped! I attached the pictures of it so you can read through it too. I was so excited to tell you about it Dad! 

Thanksgiving was awesome. I woke up very happy and through the whole day I definitely saw how Heavenly Father was giving me little things I love so I wouldn't miss home to much. They turned on Christmas lights all over the campus, I got to eat pumpkin pie, snow, there were amazing musical numbers, and I got to read my scriptures a lot. I sent a picture of our thankful door. Elder Oaks came and spoke to us and it was nice to hear. When he walked in we all stood up, and I felt the spirit so strongly. It was another witness to me that we have prophets today. We had a big thanksgiving lunch which was really good. Then we packed a sack dinner. I was a leader for the service project since Im a STL. I helped set the whole project up and was in charge of a table. We made meals, and it was really fun. We even got to listen to music while doing it (getting down to the EFY music, heckkk yes)! The package from the family was awesome, I loved getting letters from all the cousins and family. Thanksgiving was amazing, it was truly one of the best days Ive had at the MTC.

I have been really getting into scripture study. I cant wait until its study time. I have always applied them to my life, but never searched for applications as much as I do now. It applies to me as a missionary, my investigators, and has so many patterns to better ourselves. I am literally addicted.

I am loving it here still, and it is snowing here really hard, its beautiful. I am really thankful for the scriptures, learning how to better teach by the spirit and the improvement ive seen, and especially the love I feel for the people in the Philippines as I work for them.
Oh, and this is what I learned to say this week, Im pretty proud so I have to share!
Ako ay nakakita ng isang hiligi ng liwanag na tamang-tama sa tapat ng aking ulo. Higit pa sa liwanag ng araw. Na dahan-dahang bumaba hanggang so ito ay pumalibot sa akin. Nang tumaon sa akin ang liwanag, nakakita ako ng dalawang Katauhan, na ang liwanag at kalualhatian ay hindi kayang maisalarawan, nakatayo sa hanging sa itaas ko. Ang isa sa kanilla ay nagsalita sa akin, tinatawag ako sa aking pangalan at nagsabi, intinuturo ang isa "Ito ang aking Pinikamamahal na Anak. Pakinggan Siya!"
Our thankful door, we are thankful for a lot more things, but we never have time to stop and write them on our its not as great as we expected.

 Thanksgiving with my friend, Easton Batt, from High School.
Thanksgiving lunch

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